The first public modern library in Romania

Omer Tetik CEO Banca Transilvania

Banca Transilvania is becoming a learning organization - we learn from clients, from other business models, from experience and from books. Bookster is also our library.

More than 350 top companies offer to their employees the delivery of books from the public library Bookster.

Why Bookster?

We select the best books in the world and we deliver them every week to your office

Modern library
Free access to the best books, case-studies, audiobooks, videos
Delivery at your office
The company pays for the transport of the books, to its offices
Personalized recommendations
You receive recommendations based on your reading profile
The delivery service is offered based on a monthly subscription with prices starting at 4 euro per month

The best books out there

You can choose among thousands of books, on personal and professional development, literature or hobbies.

Well-known sources

We only choose awarded books and articles, written by the brightest minds.

Inspiring videos

You watch the best TED talks or courses taught at top universities.

There were 5 people this morning reading Bookster books in my subway carriage. We smiled at each other :) You make our lives happier!

Adriana, Telekom

Bookster is a great idea. The first delivery was beyond expectations. I recall it was a Monday and I couldn't wait to get to the office. You are great!

Georgiana, HP

Bookster is the coolest benefit that I received from my company!

Monica, Genpact
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